Princess Nokia – “Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.)” Video

The last time we heard from tough-as-hell New York rapper and heroic subway-train soup-thrower Princess Nokia, she was vulnerably channeling ’00s emo on her 2018 mixtape A Girl Cried Red — a radical departure from the hard sneer of her breakout 1992. Today, Nokia returns with a new single and video, and it’s another big departure, one that sounds nothing like 1992 or A Girl Cried Red.

The delightfully titled “Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.)” is a chilly, glamorous slap, one that features a casually virtuoso rap performance over a restless, minimal beat that sounds like prime club material. Doing nothing to hide her accent, Nokia talks shit on detractors and makes righteous stands: “I hate domestic abusers / In fact, they all make me sick / This dude poured wine on my friend / I punched straight in his shit.”

In director Emma Westenberg’s video, Nokia plays an unconventional contestant in a beauty pageant — the kind who can make fun of the whole institution and still win it. The Bronx rapper Maliibu Miitch co-stars. Watch it below.

There’s no news on a new Princess Nokia project yet, but I am now getting my hopes up.