Watch Senator Kamala Harris Slow Jam The News With The Roots & Jimmy Fallon

Hey, remember when politicians and candidates could engage in sketch-comedy hijinks on TV talk shows? When the world didn’t feel like it was constantly at war, and it was just fun to see the charming people we’d elected be charming on TV? Yeah, me neither. Any politicians’ attempt to use mass media to seem friendly and cool will now give you and me flashbacks of Hillary Clinton dabbing on Ellen. But California Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris — last seen on this site falsifying her stoner-rap history — remembers those days, and last night, on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, she tried to bring them back.

Jimmy Fallon’s longest-running comedy bit is Slow Jam The News, the thing where he and the Roots bust out Barry White impressions and attempt to make jokes out of topical subjects. Brian Williams used to do the sketch all the time, and Barack Obama did it a couple of times as president — including, most recently, in the summer of 2016. And now Harris, one of several Democratic primary hopefuls attempting to bring back that old Obama magic, took part in it.

There’s not really any news in Kamala Harris’ Slow Jam The News. Instead, she pretty much just gave a truncated version of her stump speech, except with Jimmy Fallon and Black Thought adding in PG-rated innuendo pseudo-jokes. Also, there’s a bit where Fallon calls her “Kamala Cabello.” And please be prepared for this part: Fallon says something about Donald Trump being “the bad guy,” and then dances around while the Roots break into a rendition of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy.” Then it ends and Harris says, “Duh.” I hate to give away jokes, but you don’t want to experience that thing without proper forewarning. The whole bit is below.

So does that count as a political endorsement? Because it sure comes off as a political endorsement.