Wished Bone – “Hold Me”

Ashley Rhodus has been making idiosyncratic folk songs as Wished Bone for a little while now, on last year’s Cellar Belly and 2015’s Pseudio Recordings, the latter of which we highlighted here in a list of a handful self-releases from that year.

In November, Wished Bone are putting out a new album, Sap Season, and today they’re sharing its lead single, “Hold Me.” It sounds airy and pastoral, but it’s also densely layered within that lilting sway. It’s about a balancing act that never feels like you have enough time. “Deck of cards in my pocket/ How long will I deal before I blow it?” Rhodus sings on it, before affirming: “Deck of cards in my pocket/ I’ll keep dealing til I blow it.”

Listen to it below.

01 “Hold Me”
02 “Cops”
03 “Dodger Dreamfield”
04 “Saucer Eyes”
05 “Pink Room”
06 “Sarah”
07 “Trees We Couldn’t Tell The Size Of”
08 “Sap Season”
09 “Moon”
10 “The One Who”

Sap Season is out 11/1. Pre-order it here.

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