Struck Nerve – “Watch You Slip” & “The Law”

Struck Nerve are a Philadelphia band who play a classic, undiluted form of old-school straight-edge hardcore. They’re proud inheritors of a grand old Youth Crew tradition, and they aren’t trying to do anything new with it. Instead, they’re playing fast shout-alongs with passion and conviction, which is all you can really ask from a band like that.

The members of Struck Nerve all have a bunch of other bands going. Bassist Anthony Marinaro also plays in Jesus Piece, whose monster 2018 debut Only Self was my favorite hardcore album of last year. Various Struck Nerve guys have also played in bands like Agitation, Nothing To Hide, and Pain Strikes. And Struck Nerve themselves released their self-titled debut EP last year. They’ve got a new 12″ EP coming out soon, and they’ve just shared two songs, a righteous ripper called “Watch You Slip” and a 38-second gang-shout massacre called “The Law.” Both rip. Listen to them below.

The new Struck Nerve EP is coming soon on Youngblood Records.

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