Xiu Xiu Cancel Tour For Mental Health Reasons

Earlier this year, Jamie Stewart’s amorphous and long-running art-pop collective Xiu Xiu released their album Girl With Basket Of Fruit. They’ve already toured North America once this year, and they were getting set for another lengthy tour, one that would’ve taken them across both North America and Europe. But today, Polyvinyl, the group’s label, has announced that Xiu Xiu have cancelled those tour dates for mental health reasons.

In an announcement posted on the Polyvinyl Twitter, a representative for the label writes, “Jamie needs to take some time to focus on his mental health and get the proper rest he needs in order to do so. We appreciate your understanding.”

Touring is tough on just about everyone who does it, on every level. Xiu Xiu have been an indie institution for well over a decade, and nobody is getting rich playing the kinds of venues that they play. Xiu Xiu have also been making music about depression and anxiety for the entire time that they’ve been around. It can be disappointing whenever anyone cancels a tour for any reason, but shout out to Jamie Stewart for taking whatever time he needs.

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