Lil Wayne Skips Another Show

Lil Wayne was a no-show last night for his set at the Life Is Beautiful Music + Art Festival in Las Vegas. As USA Today reports, the rapper was scheduled to go on in a prime headline slot at 9:20PM, but the audience was instead greeted with a message on the display monitors saying: “Unfortunately, Lil Wayne will not be able to perform tonight. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

This is his second last-minute cancellation this month. A couple weeks ago, he pulled out of an appearance in St. Louis on his joint tour with Blink-182, saying that he was kicked out of his hotel room that morning.

Earlier this summer, he cut a set short during a different appearance on that same tour, and also questioned whether he would continue on touring with the pop-punk band, though he did end up performing at most of the dates. (The tour wrapped up last week.)

Wayne hasn’t offered up an explanation yet for his Life Is Beautiful cancellation.