Counterparts – “Separate Wounds”

Nothing Left To Love, the sixth album from metalcore powerhouse Counterparts, will arrive at the top of November. When they announced it last month, they shared its brutal lead single “Wings Of Nightmares,” which found vocalist Brendan Murphy feverishly barking at the people he cycles in and out of his life, “Keep your distance from the flowers that will decorate my corpse/ Undeserving of a chance to watch them thrive.” And this is supposedly the positive-headspace Counterparts album!

Unsurprisingly, the album’s second advance single will also rip your shit. “Separate Wounds” begins inauspiciously, with some moody arpeggios flickering in the mist. Having set the mood, they then proceed to bombard you with sonic violence, guitarists Blake Hardman and Alex Re complementing Murphy’s frantic shrieks with a tangle of depth charge riffs and slicing high-register melodies. It remains a thrill to hear this band execute their genre’s hallmarks with an ungodly intensity and no regard for your eardrums.

Listen below, where you can also find Counterparts’ tour dates.


Nothing Left To Love is out 11/1. Pre-order it here.

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