Weeping Icon – “Control” Video

Weeping Icon – “Control” Video

At the end of the week, Weeping Icon are releasing their self-titled debut album. The New York trio has shared two songs from it so far, “Ripe For Consumption” and “Like Envy,” and today they’re sharing a third and final single, the album’s 8-minute closing track “Control.” It starts off as a simmering, ominous pool of noise before transitioning into some doom-and-gloom guitars and ending on a note of true eeriness. The band had this to say about the song and its accompanying video in a statement:

With the song “Control,” the final song on our album, we wanted to create a tactile experience born from the subjects we explored throughout, a sort of musical epilogue that would take our animus and end it in a catharsis of mournful fury. The video opens with the lead-in track “perfect the art,” which alludes to the major working concept from our album – the exhausting, unsustainable drive to stay relevant in the modern world, and its largely unexamined foundations in egotism, selfishness and exploitation – and juxtaposes it against the truth of inevitable loss. The video stars Cal Fish, one of our favorite artists, who shared with us an emotionally moving, unrestrained physical performance. To us, their character represents the unlocking of true artistic potential. One day we’ll be gone, and we won’t be able to change the impression we’ve made on the world. The only real, lasting control we have is how we sculpt our shadows.

Watch and listen below.

Weeping Icon is out 9/27 via Fire Talk/Kanine. Pre-order it here.

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