Watch The Weeknd Fight Adam Sandler In The Uncut Gems Trailer

Watch The Weeknd Fight Adam Sandler In The Uncut Gems Trailer

For months, movie fans have been buzzing about the mere existence of Uncut Gems, the forthcoming film from Good Time directors the Safdie Brothers. It’s the Safdie Brothers’ first time working with a sizable budget and a cast full of famous people, and that cast is insane. The movie stars Adam Sandler as a diamond-district jeweler over his head in desperate circumstances. And besides Sandler, the film also features LaKeith Stanfield, Idina Menzel, Eric Bogosian, New York sports-talk-radio god Mike Francesa, and NBA great Kevin Garnett. And the Weeknd is in there, too, making his non-music-video acting debut. Both Garnett and the Weeknd play themselves. And it looks like the Weeknd fights Adam Sandler in this movie.

The first Uncut Gems trailer made its way to the internet this morning, and it looks incredible. In true Safdie Brothers style, the film looks tense and jarring, and it’s hard to make out what all is going on. But based on a few shots of a quickly edited montage, it certainly appears that we will get, at the very least, some kind of physical tussle between the Weeknd — rocking his old haircut and again, playing himself — and Adam fucking Sandler. Observe:

The Safdie Brothers’ most recent movie Good Time featured another musician in the cast: The Brooklyn horrorcore rapper Necro, brilliantly cast as a very sketchy person. That movie ruled. Also of note: Oneohtrix Point Never composed the brilliant Good Time score, which really added to that movie’s sense of out-of-control desperation. And Oneohtrix Point Never also did the Uncut Gems score, though it’s not clear if he’s responsible for the music in the trailer. (I kind of doubt it; it doesn’t really sound like him.) Uncut Gems has gotten great reviews on the festival circuit. The movie opens in limited release 12/13, and it goes wide 12/25.

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