Watch Jack White Play Grape Chess With Jimmy Fallon

Another day, another Jimmy Fallon comedy bit with one of our favorite musicians. This week The Tonight Show has featured sketches starring Mark Ronson impersonating a sleazy lawyer and Charli XCX playing off Fallon’s Dave Gahan impression. Last night, in a clip that was presumably filmed when the Raconteurs were on the show a few weeks ago, Fallon welcomed Jack White for some grape chess.

What is grape chess, you (and I) might ask? According to Urban Dictionary, it is “a normal game of chess except all the pieces are replaced by grapes and the grapes can only move one space at a time.” This indeed seems to be what Fallon and White engaged in while dressed in old-timey suits and bowties that were extremely on-brand for White. The one-minute video involves both men dramatically popping fruit into their mouths, and in the end White gets to treat Fallon like he just joined the Von Bondies, which should be satisfying for Fallon’s various haters.

Watch below.