Jacques Greene – “For Love”

“Dawn Chorus” is the name of an exceptionally good song from Thom Yorke’s recent solo album ANIMA. Dawn Chorus is also the name of the upcoming album from acclaimed dance producer Jacques Greene. He recorded it at home in Toronto and at Hudson Mohawke’s studio in LA, incorporating more live instrumentation than usual and working with a range of collaborators including Clams Casino and Julianna Barwick.

After dropping the Cadence Weapon collab “Night Service” back in June, Greene announced Dawn Chorus with the release of “Do It Without You,” which paired a ghostly soul sample with propulsive breakbeats. Today he’s sharing a third song from the album called “For Love,” which pulls off the same trick with even better results. It’s built from a sample of THP Orchestra’s “Too Hot For Love” and feels like being immersed in a percussive disco dream.

Hear “For Love” and the prior singles below.

Dawn Chorus is out 10/18 on LuckyMe. Pre-order it here.