Foxes In Fiction – “Say Yes To Violence”

Warren Hildebrand has only released two albums under the name Foxes In Fiction, 2010’s Swung From The Branches and 2014’s Ontario Gothic. But as a producer and the head of the DIY label Orchid Tapes, they’ve had a hand in a staggering amount of great music over the past decade. And later this month, they’re finally releasing some more.

The upcoming Trillium Killer, which Hildebrand says they wrote after a period of self-destruction and backsliding, features contributions from Emily Reo, Emily Yacina, Eric Littmann, and more. Hildebrand announced the project last month with two new songs, “Antibody” and “Rush To Spark,” and today, Hildebrand is sharing a third.

New single “Say Yes To Violence” is a warped yet lovely bedroom-pop pocket symphony. “Message came from the other side, ‘say yes to violence’/ There’s a voice buried in the waves, keeps begging me to swim,” Hildebrand sings. “Moving fast to get out in front and wash the night out of the cloth/ And tell you how I got the scar as blood fills my mouth.” Listen below.

Trillium Killer is out 10/18 via Orchid Tapes. Pre-order it here.