Nilüfer Yanya – “H34T RISES” Video

Miss Universe, the debut album from Nilüfer Yanya, is so good that we named it Album Of The Week when it dropped and then put it on our midyear list of the year’s best albums. One of the album’s tracks, “Heat Rises,” gets a makeover today, and a new video to go with it.

The reworked “Heat Rises” is called “H34T RISES.” Here’s what Yanya has to say about it:

The original song “Heat Rises” came together over a year or so, maybe. I felt really lucky I was able to work with Dave Okumu on this, there was a lot to learn just being in the room with him. I had the rough demo and beat on my phone for maybe a year, but it wasn’t until the lyrics were fully realised that that it really took shape as a song for me. The original track works perfectly in the album but when I decided to re-release it as a single, I thought a few changes to the mix and structure might help it jump out more and that’s where “H34T RISES” came from.

The “H34T RISES” video, which continues developing the mythology around the album’s dystopian organization WWAY Health, was directed by Yanya’s sister Molly Daniel in their father’s hometown of Istanbul. Daniel has a statement as well:

Me and Nilüfer hadn’t considered shooting in Istanbul, but once the thought had entered our head we wanted to stick with it. I felt like Istanbul would really fit the concept and it was really nice to be able to work with a female led and Turkish crew. I remember finding out my mum was pregnant with Nilüfer when we lived in Istanbul, so returning to work there together as adults really felt like we had come full circle.

Watch below.

Miss Universe is out now on ATO. Get it.