Don’t Quit Your Dayjobs

Watch your backs Don Johnson and Joey Lawrence. A new crop of B-List stars are vying for a spot on the bargain bin bandwagon…

Peter Gallagher – “Still I Long For You”
Just in time for Chrismukkah. Sure Sandy Cohen sang “Luck Be a Lady” on Broadway, but that doesn’t make him Otis Redding. He told E! “I know for a fact that there will be people who won’t take my music seriously because I’m an actor on a TV show.” Not true. People won’t take your music seriously ’cause you were in Mr. Deeds.

Steven Seagal – “Don’t You Cry”
All the songs on Steven’s Official “MP3 Page” are actually RealAudio files. Codec confusion not surprising since the page looks like it was created by Steven himself.

Jamie Foxx – “Extravaganza (Feat. Kanye West)”
You can’t just stick a Kanye rap in the middle of a shitty ballad and call it “Golddigger.”

John Corbett (Sex & The City’s Aidan) is recording a country album while Billy Bob Thornton gives us his third, Hobo. Angelina’s not a fan.

Peter Gallagher (the singer) and 50 Cent (the actor) were on Regis & Kelly this morning. Kelly promised a rap-off, but I didn’t see it.

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