Watch Diplo & Deadmau5 Guest On David Spade’s Lights Out

For a few months now, David Spade has been hosting the Comedy Central show Lights Out With David Spade, holding down the cursed post-Daily Show spot. Spade does monologues and comedy skits, but the bulk of the show is Spade sitting around and bullshitting with three guests, usually comedians. Last month, though, he had Chance The Rapper on. And it makes a weird sort of sense that Spade had a couple of EDM DJs on the show this past week. I feel like Spade and EDM DJs probably get along.

This past week, both Diplo and Deadmau5 turned up on Lights Out. (They were not on at the same time, which might have been entertaining.) Deadmau5 was the star of an extended comedy bit, one where he was trying out to be Spade’s house band. There are some funny moments in there, like when Spade says that he took a shit in Deadmau5’s enormous rodent mask, or when he asks Deadmau5, “Sooo… How long have you been playing the space bar?” Here’s that video:

Meanwhile, Diplo was on the panel during a recent episode, and Whitney Cummings pointed out that Spade and Diplo look like some kind of before-and-after photo. Diplo did not say anything particularly revelatory. For example: The key to doing well on Instagram is to “be yourself.” Here’s that video:

You can watch Diplo’s full episode here. I like his cowboy boots.