Loren Kramar – “Walk On By”

Loren Kramar is a Los Angeles-based musician who has two songs two his name so far, both released pretty far apart — 2015’s My Life” and last year’s “Maybe” — and today he’s adding another one to that repertoire, “Walk On By.” It features Twin Shadow on guitar and was produced by Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor, and it’ll appear on Kramar’s debut full-length that’s expected next year.

It’s gloomily ornate and cinematic, swirls of strings and sirens adding to a claustrophobic atmosphere of misplaced desire. “I’ve got a hunch we’ll end up together/ Talk about our neighbors and the weather,” Kramar sings on it. “Good conversation is easy to find/ What doesn’t come fast is the sexy kind.”

Listen to it below.

“Walk On By” is out now.

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