Lykke Li’s “sex money feelings die” Re-Released In Slowed-Down Version Thanks To TikTok

Right now, the entire music industry is trying to figure out how to make money off of TikTok, the mysterious, absurd, popular-among-teenagers Chinese social media app. This past summer, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” a song that initially found its audience on TikTok, became a runaway juggernaut of a hit. But the app seems to move faster, in more unpredictable ways, than anyone at the labels can figure out. So right now, the labels are catching up however they can — an effort that includes a brand new Lykke Li remix.

Last year, Lykke Li released her album so sad, so sexy, and it included a track with the perfectly ridiculous title “sex money feelings die.” Earlier this year, that song got a remix that featured the Atlanta rapper Lil Baby. But right now, “sex money feelings die” appears to be blowing up for entirely unrelated reasons.

As Billboard reports, the execs at RCA, Lykke Li’s label, noticed that “sex money feelings die” was suddenly doing well on Spotify and Apple Music even though the label wasn’t working that song as a single. They figured out that people were making were making memes out of the song. Like this:

Some of those memes weren’t from the original song. They were from a slowed-down remix that a fan made. So RCA went ahead and released its own slowed-down “sex money feelings die” remix, turning the track into a screwed-and-chopped gasp that makes Lykke Li sound like a 17-year-old boy. It’s not bad. Here, listen:

Now, go make your own memes, I guess? Is that how this works? I am so old.

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