Jeff Rosenstock Releases Free-Download Live Album, Ambient Instrumental Single

Jeff Rosenstock Releases Free-Download Live Album, Ambient Instrumental Single

Last year, the ambitious and funny pop-punk auteur Jeff Rosenstock released two really great albums. First, there was POST-, the massive surprise opus that he cranked out on New Years Day. Then there was Love In The Time Of E-Mail, the latest from Antarctigo Vespucci, Rosenstock’s duo with his friend Chris Farren. Farren just released his own new album Born Hot, but other than the single “Monday At The Beach,” Rosenstock has been pretty quiet this year. It makes sense. He’s been touring.

Today, however, we get a motherlode of Rosenstock-related material. First off, he’s just released his first-ever live album. It’s called Thanks, Sorry!, and Deafheaven producer Jack Shirley recorded it over four shows at the Bowery Ballroom this past February. Farren shows up on “Hall Of Fame,” and there’s also a cover of “KKK Hiway,” a song from the veteran ska band MU330. But the real reason to listen to Thanks, Sorry! — released under the name Death Rosenstock, since that’s what Rosenstock is calling his touring band — is to hear an extremely fired-up crowd singing along with these extremely fired-up songs. Rosenstock shows are crazy fun, which is not an easy thing for a live album to capture. This one does good.

If you want, you can buy the massive vinyl version of Thanks, Sorry!, a triple LP with a photo book. (That’s up for pre-order here.) But Thanks, Sorry! is also a pay-what-you want download at Bandcamp, and you can get it here. Or just stream it below!

And speaking of Rosenstock’s Bandcamp, the man has also released a new song called “Ambient 7.” It’s a seven-minute ambient instrumental, and it’s seriously pretty. (I kept waiting for it to suddenly turn into another pop-punk jam, for that to be the punchline. It didn’t happen.) You can listen to “Ambient 7″ below.

If there are six previous Jeff Rosenstock ambient songs, I can’t find them. “Ambient 7″ is another pay-what-you-want download; get it here.

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