The Orielles – “Come Down On Jupiter” Video

The Orielles are a sleek and psychedelic indie-pop quartet from Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. They released their debut Silver Dollar Moment in early 2018 on the venerable UK label Heavenly, and today they’ve announced its follow-up, due out at the end of February.

Disco Volador’s opening track and lead single, “Come Down On Jupiter,” begins as a languid shuffle, but before long it has exploded into guitar-pop bliss. And then suddenly it’s something like outer-space disco rock. As the five-minute runtime unfolds, the transformations continue to be as abundant as the hooks. “Come Down On Jupiter” also has a video by Rose Hendry, which finds the Orielles reliving a spilled-coffee incident at Arments pie & mash shop in Kennington, London. The clip’s droll, understated quality is a distinct contrast from the music’s Technicolor thrills.

A statement from the director:

When I first heard the track I was immediately transported into some sort of mystery melodrama from another era, with a strong dose of something psychedelic. This was my starting point, alongside an image by photographer, Ralph Gibson, of a cup of tea sitting on a beige table, bathed in warm sunlight with a plastic spoon resting against the lip. I enjoyed the idea of centring the video around an incident with a cup of tea — that felt dramatic to me — something “mundane” becoming something dramatic. I wanted to encapsulate the playful psychedelia in a psychological and structural way as opposed to the “pastiched to death” VW campervan kind of way. Add to that toast and the rest developed from there.

Watch below.

01 “Come Down On Jupiter”
02 “Rapid i”
03 “Memoirs Of Miso”
04 “Bobbi’s Second World”
05 “Whilst The Flowers Look”
06 “The Square Eyed Pack”
07 “7th Dynamic Goo”
08 “A Material Mistake”
09 “Euro Borealis”
10 “Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)”

Disco Volador is out 2/28 on Heavenly. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Hollie Fernando