Rank/Xerox – “Servants In Heaven”

Rank/Xerox are a San Francisco postpunk trio, and they’ve been around for a while. Their first release was a 2009 split EP with Grass Widow, and they released a self-titled album in 2011. But Rank/Xerox — named after a 1956 corporate effort to sell photocopiers in Asia and Africa — don’t tend to work too quickly, possibly in part because Australian-born frontman David West is busy with other projects like Rat Columns and Liberation. But Rank/Xerox have a new single coming out, and the first song they’ve shared from it is really good.

Where past Rank/Xerox records have been hard, skittery postpunk, the new single “Servants In Heaven” leans more toward gothic synthpop. “Servants In Heaven” is a whispery, atmospheric keyboard ballad with a huge, murky bassline. It broods prettily, and you can hear it below.

The “Servants In Heaven” 7″, which also features the as-yet-unheard new song “Cradle Of Life,” is out 11/22 on Iron Lung Records. If Stereogum seems heavy on Iron Lung today, what with this and the new Doldrey, it’s because the label just announced a bunch of new records. I’d advise you to head over to their Bandcamp and check out the new Acrylics, Mass Arrest, Screaming Fist, and Alien Nosejob songs, too. They’re all good.

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