Stream Vantage Point’s Debut EP An Answer You Won’t Find

Vantage Point are a new straight-edge hardcore band from Boston, and as you can probably already tell from their EP’s cover art, they make a driving and passionate form of hardcore that’s deeply indebted to what was happening in their genre in the ’90s. Their music is fast and intense and not even the tiniest bit self-conscious, and it hits in a deep and primal way. It’s pretty easy to imagine mobs of red-faced dudes howling along with their songs, and it’s pretty easy to imagine them on a late-’90s bill next to Bane and In My Eyes. It’s good shit.

Vantage Point released a demo back in June, and it only had two new songs and two covers (American Nightmare, Desperate Measures). Today, they release their debut EP, a four-song, eight-minute attack that will fit comfortably on a piece of 7″ vinyl. One of those songs, “Of Twelve,” already appeared on the demo. All of them are adrenaline-charged heatrocks. Listen to the EP An Answer You Won’t Find below.

An Answer You Won’t Find is out now on Triple B Records.