Watch Brockhampton Perform “Sugar,” Freestyle About A Bad Jimmy Fallon Movie On The Tonight Show

Last night was an action-packed evening in late-night TV. Jimmy Kimmel had a surprise Kanye West appearance, and he also aired a comedy bit with his competitor Jimmy Fallon. As for Fallon, he hosted a whole lot of rappers on his show. Last night’s Tonight Show musical guests were Brockhampton, who recently released their group-therapy album Ginger and who are getting ready to launch a big-venue tour with Slowthai and 100 gecs. Brockhampton have a history of showing up on The Tonight Show and doing memorable, thoughtfully staged performances. Last night, they did another one.

Brockhampton like to call themselves a “boy band,” and they’ve never come off more like a boy band than they did last night. They performed “Sugar,” a Ginger track that they already did on Ellen last month. They wore coordinated outfits — shiny orange overalls — sang overfluttery and processed guitars, and hit creamy falsetto harmonies. Ryan Beatty, the young pop singer who appeared with Brockhampton on Fallon last year, assisted once again, singing and wearing an “Aphex Twink” hoodie. Here’s the performance:

And for the first time, Brockhampton also got a chance to sit next to Fallon’s desk and talk to the man on air. Their interview was mostly an excuse for a comedy bit: The six rappers in Brockhampton doing a freestyle rap that turned out to be all about Taxi, the terrible movie that Jimmy Fallon made in 2004. I honestly don’t know whether Brockhampton came up with this themselves or whether it was a writers’ room thing.

Another of the show’s guests was Chance The Rapper, who is about to do double duty on Saturday Night Live, Fallon’s old place of work. Chance will be both host and musical guest on tomorrow night’s show, and it’s his second time pulling off this particular stunt. On Fallon, Chance talked about seeing an old video of MC Hammer hosting and being musical guest and always wanting to do that himself. He also discussed Kanye West, talking about the time Kanye tried to join the band at Chance’s wedding. Here’s that interview:

Brockhampton’s Ginger is out now on Question Everything/RCA Records.