Tomorrow’s Friend – “Banging Everything In Sight”

I saw We Are Scientists at Bowery Ballroom a few weeks ago. They were great. The Gothamist review pretty much nails it. WAS are fantastic live, because they don’t just stand there and play their songs… they really put on a show. They joke around, but they also throw guitars and climb on top of the drum kit. Bassist Chris Cain loses his glasses a lot, because he’s sweating from all the entertaining he’s doing. I didn’t stay for Ambulance LTD, though, and I HATED Tomorrow’s Friend, who played before WAS. During their set, I thought of pithy ways of hating on them, like saying “there are worse bands, but they exist only in theory.” To be fair, though, I thought I should hear an MP3 first, and when I did… well, now it’s a different story. I’ve been listening for about a week now, and it’s really good. It sounds like Throwing Muses meets Sonic Youth, and I can’t get it out of my head. Could the title be a sly sexual reference in the tradition of The Breeders’ “Divine Hammer,” or is it about literally smashing stuff? Doesn’t matter.

Tomorrow’s Friend – “Banging Everything In Sight” (MP3)

Tomorrow’s Friend, please get a better website soon.