Chain Cult – “Shallow Grave” & “Under The Gun”

Chain Cult come from Athens — Greece, not Georgia — and they play postpunk with a chilly, ferocious urgency; they make sure the punk part of their genre name never gets lost. Chain Cult’s records are relatively lo-fi, but it’s the kind of lo-fi that actually serves the songs. There’s a tiny bit of black metal in the trebly attack of the guitars, and there’s a lot of hardcore in the way they hit their big, shouty choruses. But they also keep their urgency under control, and there’s a dark majesty to their songs.

Back in 2016, Chain Cult put out a hugely promising demo and a single called “Isolated.” Next month, they’ll come out with a new EP called Shallow Grave. They’ve shared two new songs, the EP’s title track and “Under The Gun.” Both of them rip. Listen to the below.

The Shallow Grave EP is out 11/22 on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos.

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