Morrissey Is Selling $300 Copies Of Other Artists’ Albums With His Signature

Morrissey’s latest stunt is a little less noxious than his usual antics, if only because it isn’t xenophobic and doesn’t involve unhinged conspiracy theories. (Well, only partially on that last one — keep reading!) As NME points out, Moz performed at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles over the weekend, and his merch stand included $300 copies of other artists’ albums with his signature attached.

Those albums included Iggy & the Stooges’ Raw Power, Lou Reed’s Transformer, David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane, and Patti Smith’s Horses. All of them were inscribed with Morrissey’s signature and some variation of “LOVES ______” (fill the artist in the blank). There were also $200 copies of some of his own albums, including the recent California Son and the compilation The Best Of Morrissey.

His merch also included a t-shirt that said FUCK THE GUARDIAN in reference his recent anti-press screed against the UK paper. Morrissey wore the shirt on stage at one of his Hollywood shows.

Morrissey has one more stop on his North American tour tonight in Houston.

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