Stream Frail Body’s Debut Album A Brief Memoriam

Sometime in the mid-’00s, mostly thanks to Warped Tour bands with complicated hair, the term “screamo” became a dirty word. But screamo started out as righteous, cathartic, vein-busting basement-show music, music about expressing your own vulnerability by howling as loudly as possible. And in recent years, a few bands like Portrayal Of Guilt and Closer have been resurrecting the noisy, discordant spirit of early screamo. Frail Body belong on that list, too.

Frail Body are a Rockford, Illinois trio who switch back and forth wildly between tingly post-rock beauty and shattering, throat-scraping, black metal-informed noise rock. Their sound is visceral and deeply satisfying, and even if you didn’t spend time at musty house shows around the turn of the century, I’d suggest giving it a shot. Today, Frail Body release their debut album A Brief Memoriam. It’s a good one.

Frail Body are calling A Brief Memoriam an album even though it’s just seven songs. But even though it’s short, it’s got the weight of an album. It deals with heavy shit in heavy ways. A sample song title: “Your Death Makes Me Wish Heaven Was Real.” Give the album a stream below.

A Brief Memoriam is out now on Deathwish, Inc.

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