Bon Iver Brings For Emma To Conan, MySpace

Out of the Wisconsin cabin and into America’s living rooms, Bon Iver took “Flume” on the road to Conan O’Brien this past Monday for his U.S. network television debut. It’s a spacious, carefully paced performance, Justin Vernon and band as dramatic as they are dramatically lit (i.e. very much so). Something else worth noting: Vernon continues the tradition of rural sounding, vocally rich American groups not standing up when shaking Late Night hosts’s hands.

Good pronunciation, Conan. In the ongoing For Emma, Forever Ago love fest, the guys also performed four of that album’s tracks, including “Flume,” for MySpace’s “Transmission” series. There was more lighting, about as much standing.


“For Emma”

“Lump Sum”


You can check out an interview with Justin at the “Transmissions” MySpace.

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