Beach Slang – “Tommy In The 80s” (Feat. Tommy Stinson)

“Tommy In The 80s,” the new song from James Alex’s true-rock-believer project Beach Slang, is about listening to Tommy Stinson in the ’80s. It sounds like something Tommy Stinson’s old band the Replacements would’ve made in the ’80s. And it features Tommy Stinson — who is in his fifties, not his eighties. There are levels at work here.

In the ’80s, when the Replacements were at their peak, bassist Tommy Stinson was the band’s resident teenage hellraiser — the most out-of-control motherfucker in a band full of out-of-control motherfuckers. He lived entire lifetimes of debauchery by the time he hit legal drinking age. Stinson made it through all that, and he’s been plenty active in recent years — with the pre-quasi-reunion Guns N’ Roses, with the reunited Replacements, with his own reactivated band Bash & Pop. And he also plays bass on Beach Slang’s new album The Deadbeat Bang of Heartbreak City.

After a long layoff where he pretty much changed Beach Slang from a band into a solo project, James Alex is coming back early next year with the new album, and we’ve already posted the early track “Bam Rang Rang.” Today, Alex shares the new Beach Slang song “Tommy In The 80s,” more of the sort of bleary romantic aging-man teenage-feelings stuff that is right in Alex’s zone. Listen below.

The Deadbeat Bang Of Heartbreak City is out 1/10 on Bridge Nine Records.