Stream Fern Mayo’s New Album Week Of Charm

We’ve already highlighted two tracks from Fern Mayo’s excellent sophomore album, Week Of Charm — “Echo” and “Moonwater” — and the whole thing is out today. It’s a bit of a departure from the scrappy, anxiety-ridden music that Katie Capri was making on her 2015 debut, Happy Forever, and that she refined on the following year’s Hex Signs EP, trading out twisted barbs for a sinking sense of malaise.

Capri’s soaring voice is still a focal point, but its often swallowed in acidic burbles, peeking through the muck with creaking incantations that scrape at the impossibility of ever feeling better. “You can’t save me,” she sings on “Hard Candy,” each repetition a degradation that sends Capri farther into herself. Despite wallowing about in despair, these songs manage to find pinpricks of light in the darkness, often taking the form of glittering bursts of melody that Capri weaves into her sweepingly interior songs.

She closes out the album with a stripped-down track called “The Wheel,” an acoustic guitar and the sound of sirens her only accompaniment, her voice quivering through apologies and remorse and reflections with a sense of resolution: “Give in to it.”

Listen to it below.

Week Of Charm is out now.

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