Stream Zorn’s Hardcore Zorn EP

At least according to this Bandcamp Daily article, the members of the Philadelphia band Zorn dress up in Satanic costumes when they play live. The singer bursts out of a coffin onstage. Sometimes, they get violent with the audience. All of this seems like a ridiculously fun time. Obviously, you aren’t going to pick up on any of this absurdity from Zorn’s records, but it pleases me to report that Zorn’s records are righteously unhinged anyway.

Zorn — who do not appear to have anything to do with veteran experimental jazz guy John Zorn — have been around since at least 2016. They released a self-titled EP last year, and now they’ve followed up up with another one called Hardcore Zorn. The music is trashy, chaotic, righteously driven hardcore punk with a pretty serious death metal influence, and singer Eric Teofilak has a great demonic screech. You can stream Hardcore Zorn below.

Hardcore Zorn is out now, and you can name your price to buy it at Bandcamp.

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