Destroyer – “It Just Doesn’t Happen” Video

Dan Bejar is blessing the world with a new Destroyer album called Have We Met on the final day of January. October’s impeccable lead single “Crimson Tide” was a fine down payment on that LP, and today’s new track ain’t bad either.

“It Just Doesn’t Happen” maintains the prior single’s ’80s-movie-soundtrack vibes. Bejar croons flirtations like “You’re looking good, in spite of the light” in his breathiest, most lounge-lizard voice while a magnificent arrangement of metronomic synth parts build drama. The video is a minimalist collection of snowy roadside handoffs after dark; it could easily be taking place in the Fargo extended universe, except I’d expect something a bit stranger to take place.

Watch below, and if you like the sound of Bejar’s voice be sure to check out Greet Death because those dudes are like if Bejar moonlighted in a heavy shoegaze band instead of the New Pornographers.

Have We Met is out 1/31 on Merge. Pre-order it here.

Tags: Destroyer