James Taylor Announces Audio-Only Memoir For Audible

You’ve got an audiobook: James Taylor is partnering with Audible for the upcoming release of Break Shot, an audio-only memoir. Guided by interviews with music journalist Bill Flanagan recorded at Taylor’s home studio in Western Massachusetts, he’ll discuss his childhood and rise to stardom, with songs from his catalog woven into the narrative.

“I’ve known Bill Flanagan and admired his writing forever,” says Taylor. “So I was happy and relieved that he had agreed to help me gather my thoughts and edit this autobiography of my beginnings, the on-ramp to the road I’ve traveled ever since. A pitcher needs a catcher and a funny and intelligent collaborator can make you seem likewise. To the best of my recollection, I never had much of a memory; but here’s how I remember it… Did I say that already?”

“As one of millions of lifelong fans of the inimitable James Taylor, I’m not alone in my eagerness to hear the genesis story and learn more about the intellectual and artistic inspiration — to say nothing of the backstory to personal challenges — of this legend of American music, directly from the one-and-only James Taylor himself,” adds Audible CEO Don Katz. “I’m thrilled to be able to bring this latest example of elite music storytelling and a remarkable listening experience from a gifted culture-maker to our Audible members around the world.”

Break Shot will be out early next year via Audible; James Taylor also has a new album coming out early next year on Fantasy Records.

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