Stream Chain Cult’s New Album Shallow Grave

The Greek DIY band Chain Cult make a hard, forceful version of postpunk, one that’s closer to Bandcamp hardcore than it is to coked-up dance-rock. Their sound is dark and intense and exciting, and it turns out that they work even better at album length than they do one song at a time. Over the last two years, Chain Cult have released a demo and the one-off single “Isolated.” Today, they drop Shallow Grave, their first full-length. It rules.

Chain Cult have so much going for them. Their guitar tone is raw, trebly, and urgent; it somehow simultaneously recalls both Joy Division and old-school black metal. Their basslines are heavy and bleak. Their vocals are straight-up bark-roars, and a lot of their choruses are big, awesome gang-chant shout-alongs. Shallow Grave is short — just eight songs, over in half an hour. But it’s immersive. It has sucked me in, and it might do the same for you.

We’ve already posted the early tracks “Shallow Grave” and “Under The Gun,” but the whole album is up on Bandcamp now, and it just rips. Listen below.

Shallow Grave is out now on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos.

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