Downpresser – “Death Instinct”

Nobody puts out music near the end of the year. For whatever reason, very few records come out in between Thanksgiving and the second week in January. It’s like the entire industry grinds to a halt for a month and a half. But there are exceptions. Heavy music, for instance, does not slow down. If anything, it kicks into overdrive. Two days after Christmas, we’re getting a new motherfucking Downpresser album.

Downpresser come from Los Angeles, and they play a brutal, warlike form of metallic hardcore. It’s total mosh-mayhem music, full of downtuned riffage and double-bass thunder and slowed-down mosh parts so intense that you can almost feel an elbow smashing into your ear even if you’re listening to it alone at home. Downpresser have been around since 2006, but thus far, they’ve only released one album, 2013’s monstrous Don’t Need A Reason. Next month, though, they’re coming out with a new full-length called The Long Goodbye. They’ve just shared a new song called “Death Instinct,” and it is an absolute crusher. Listen below.

The Long Goodbye is out 12/27 on Closed Casket Activities.

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