Worn – “Total Disease” & “Harm You”

For a town of its size, the Central Pennsylvania city of Wilkes-Barre has always had a hell of a hardcore scene. Right now, it seems to be thriving. Earlier this year, the Wilkes-Barre band One Step Closer released the pulverizing debut EP From Me To You. And today, Worn, another Wilkes-Barre band, have unleashed an absolutely disgusting two-song blast of anger.

Worn’s sound is ’90s-style metallic hardcore, reverbed-out and grimy enough that it sometimes recalls D-beat. They’ve been putting out music since 2016, and they’ve cranked out a series of EPs, including one called Not Your Game earlier this year. Today, they’ve dropped two new songs, “Total Disease” and “Harm You.” They’re both roiling, ugly, ferocious little gut-rippers. I really, really like them. Listen below.

“Total Disease” and “Harm You” are out now on cassette via Pop Wig.

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