Beck Says He’s Not A Scientologist

Famous Scientologist Beck claims that he is not, in fact, a Scientologist. “I think there’s a misconception that I am a Scientologist,” he says in a new profile in The Sydney Morning Herald. “I’m not a Scientologist. I don’t have any connection or affiliation with it. My father has been a Scientologist for a long time, but I’ve pretty much just focused on my music and my work for most of my life, and tended to do my own thing … I think it’s just something people ran with.”

As mentioned, Beck’s father, Canadian composer David Campbell, has been a Scientologist for decades. “Yeah, I’m a Scientologist,” Beck stated in a 2005 interview with The Irish Sunday Tribune. “My father has been a Scientologist for about 35 years, so I grew up in and around it and stuff … There’s nothing fantastical … just a real deep grassroots concerted effort for humanitarian causes.”

In 2004, Beck married actress Marissa Ribisi, twin sister of actor Giovanni Ribisi, both well-known Scientologists. They have two children together. He filed for divorce from Ribisi in February. His new Pharrell Williams-produced album Hyperspace came out today, and his album Midnite Vultures turns 20 years old tomorrow.

UPDATE: Beck said some more on the subject to the New Yorker:

In February, Beck filed for divorce from the actress Marissa Ribisi, whom he married in 2004. They have two children. He described the experience as heartbreaking. Ribisi’s family is also active in the Church of Scientology, and the question of Beck’s religious affiliation has preoccupied the music press for years; it is cited in nearly every article written about him. “I’ve so devoted myself to music that it’s kind of my main thing, and religion hasn’t been a central part of my life,” he told me. “There’s a misconception that I’m a Scientologist. There was a period of time, maybe in the early two-­thousands, where my family recommended I get some counselling. But, beyond that, it hasn’t been something I’ve actively pursued.”

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