Grimes Responds To Zola Jesus Calling Her “The Voice Of Silicon Fascist Privilege”

Grimes was the guest on theoretical physicist Sean M. Carroll’s Mindscape podcast this week, where she talked about the intersection of music and technology and the possibilities of AI creating music. And like a lot of things that Grimes does, her appearance has proven to be somewhat controversial.

During the episode, Grimes said that “live music is going to be obsolete soon,” which some people took exception to. On Twitter, Zola Jesus called her the “voice of silicon fascist privilege” and former Majical Cloudz frontman Devon Welsh, who used to date Grimes and collaborate with her, described her comments as “silicon valley fascist propaganda.”

Grimes has since responded to these criticisms in another series of tweets. “Technology has always changed the way we make/ consume music and it’s not going to stop here,” she wrote. “Where could it go and what are the potential positive outcomes? We can’t prevent bad outcomes if we don’t start envisioning good outcomes.”

Read their full conversation below.

When will Holly Herndon weigh in? UPDATE: She did!