New Magnetophone – “Benny’s Insobriety” and “Kel’s Vintage Thought”

Magnetophone’s following up their well-received first album, I Guess Sometimes I Need to Be Reminded of How Much You Love Me with a more collaborative, varied full-length album, The Man Who Ate the Man. Briefly, it’s not eating any men, but it is biting some styles.

The collaborations and variation make up for the knocks they received the first time around- undifferentiated songs, slightly retreaded beats- and there are some really solid songs to be found. Still, after a few listens, it’s probably just going to make you want to dig up MBV, Four Tet, and Boards of Canada.

Is it just me or is this the exact same beat as “Black Girl Pain” from Talib Kweli’s last album?
Magnetophone – “Benny’s Insobriety” (MP3)

Kelly Deal (and possibly Kim) chipped in on this track, one of the best on the album:
Magnetophone – “Kel’s Vintage Thought” (MP3)