Stream Simulakra’s Debut EP Tales From The Fevered Subconscious

I don’t know if it’s cold weather or holiday stress or what, but I’ve been listening to almost nothing but hardcore lately, and I just don’t feel right when I’m not hearing juddering riffs and screaming. Delaware’s Simulakra are giving me exactly what I need.

Simulakra are a relatively new band; they just released their first demo earlier this year. The group includes members of bands like Foreign Hands, Vicious Embrace, and Tourniquet, and they play a towering, brutalist form of metal-influenced hardcore. The vocals are demonic, unearthly bellows, but the songs groove hard and never blast by too quickly. Over the weekend, Simulakra released their excellently titled, deeply satisfying debut EP Tales From The Fevered Subconscious. It’s only three songs long, and all three of those songs just crush. Listen to it below.

Tales From The Fevered Subconscious is out now on Plead Your Case Records.

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