Stream Firm Standing Law’s New EP Unashamed

For much of the last decade, Wilkes-Barre’s Cold World were one of the biggest, most important bands on the hardcore circuit. Cold World’s sound was a classical take on chest-thumping ancestral New York hardcore, but it somehow managed to incorporate a heavy rap influence without ever getting corny, an extremely difficult thing to do. (Their last album, 2014’s How The Gods Chill, included collaborations with Kool G Rap, Meyhem Lauren, and the late Sean Price.) Cold World are still around and playing occasional shows, but they haven’t been super active in recent years. And now frontman Dan Mills has a new band.

These days, Mills is living in the UK, and he’s put together a new UK-based band called Firm Standing Law. Firm Standing Law make old-school straight-edge hardcore, in that durable youth-crew style, and they don’t add any new frills or flourishes. They released a demo in 2016, and they’ve just come out with a new four-song 7″ EP called Unashamed. It’s good shit, and you can hear it below.

The Unashamed EP is out now on Plead Your Case Records.