Stream Rule Them All’s Dreams About… EP

The Long Island band Rule Them All pulled the absolute dork move of naming themselves after a Lord Of The Rings reference. But they don’t make dork music. Instead, Rule Them All play fists-up melodic hardcore. Their songs carry a whole lot of force and passion, and their choruses are all huge singalongs. There’s a bit of late-’80s DC in their dynamics and in their sincerity, but they’ve got more of a straight-up mosh-music edge than most music that’s influenced by that DC era. They’re great. You might like them.

Rule Them All have only been around since 2017, and they’ve already released a couple of EPs, including last year’s An Alignment Of Polarity. Today, they’ve released a new five-song rager called Dreams About… The whole thing is really good, but final track “The Alienation” just rules. It’s one of those wounded, vulnerable fist-on-heart hardcore anthems that never loses its emotional resonance even when it gets fast. Stream the whole EP below.

The Dreams About… EP is out now on Flatspot Records.