Stream Daniel Lopatin’s Uncut Gems Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Safdie brothers’ new film Uncut Gems hits select theaters today — it expands nationwide on Christmas Day. The score was done by Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin, who previously worked his magic on their last movie, Good Time, and provides another stellar soundtrack to this Adam Sandler-starring vehicle.

We published an interview with Lopatin earlier this week where he talked about how he was inspired by the scores of Vangelis and Jerry Goldsmith, and how the Safdie brothers’ influence the way he approaches the score to the film:

They remind me a lot of certain performers or musicians I’ve worked with in the studio that want to be inspired by sound, versus a progression or a melody. They want to feel ensconced in some kind of feeling — textural, timbral, there’s a kind of frequency they want to be placed into. And if that’s right, everything else can be free.

So they entrust me to write… [Laughs] pretty music? They don’t have much input on that part. But we don’t get to that stage until I’ve created either a wild, dense cacophony of things going on, or I’ve put together some kind of ensemble of sounds or players that hit the purpose of the cue. So it’s really coming from texture and their need to be psychologically and emotionally dwarfed by the music, to be totally surrounded and overwhelmed by music, which makes them really unique and is where some of that density comes from.

Read that full interview here and check out the score for Uncut Gems below.

The Uncut Gems soundtrack is out now via Warp.