Jonathan Wilson, Jenny Lewis, & Sanba Zao – “Lapé, Lanmou” Video

Jonathan Wilson, Jenny Lewis, & Sanba Zao – “Lapé, Lanmou” Video

A group of songwriters and musicians including Paul Beaubrun, Habib Koité, Raúl Rodríguez, and Jonathan Russell are teaming up with members of the Haitian roots band Lakou Mizik for Let The Rhythm Lead: Haiti Song Summit Vol. 1, a new collaborative album to benefit the Artists For Peace And Justice non-profit. And today, they’re sharing “Lapé, Lanmou,” which features Jonathan Wilson, Jenny Lewis, Sanba Zao, and Jackson Browne.

The song’s title, “Lapé, Lanmou,” means “peace and love” in Creole. “Haitians along with many others across the globe have been saying [Lapé Lanmou] for a long time,” Beaubrun tells Rolling Stone in a statement. “It’s about peace, love and unity amongst us all and how we will never collectively move forward as one without it.”

“The guitars are a wonderful mixture of West African and Flamenco, the vocals are traditional Vodou call and response by the Haitian legend Sanba Zao, and Jenny Lewis adds her amazing voice in the ‘White Ribbon’ chorus,” explains Jonathan Wilson. “This was one of the most special projects I’ve ever done.”

“This song is the last song we recorded in Haiti, and it contains all the mystery and excitement that we felt being there,” adds Jackson Browne. “The conversation between the African guitar and the Flamenco tres gives way to a full Vodou call and response, which surprised me then — and it surprises me now. It’s magic.”

The song comes along with a video featuring the musicians performing in Haiti. Watch and listen below.

Let The Rhythm Lead: Haiti Song Summit, Vol. 1 is out 1/31 via Arts Music.

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