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Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

If you missed any of our year-end lists, you can check ‘em out here. But we’re not totally done looking back at 2019 because all your Gummy Award votes are currently being tabulated by our accounting firm. Look out for the winners next week.


#10  brightcolorsanddirt
Score:35 | Dec 8th


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#9  dansolo
Score:36 | Dec 6th

I did however have time to make this, which will console no one except for YBB. Sorry for the shitpost level execution (I’m no Byers) but I think it’s about what this idea deserves.

Probably going to Hell and/or jail for this.

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#7  cadallaca
Score:38 | Dec 8th

And just as a more optimistic follow up – at our school we have switched from punitive reactions to drug use (like suspension) to free rehab and counseling. I’d also say that just about every student with drug problems I teach is desperate for therapy/counseling for mental health issues. More schools are trying to set up these wrap-around services in the actual school building.

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#6  inthedeadofknight
Score:40 | Dec 11th

Ohhh okay, I just thought he was a huge corny idiot.

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#4  mr. gruff the atheist goat
Score:42 | Dec 12th

Buttigieg is like if a corporate twitter account were a presidential candidate.

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#1  raptor jesus
Score:61 | Dec 6th

Do I really need a newsletter when I check this site multiple times every single day?

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#5  roland1824
Score:-26 | Dec 6th

So then maybe the title of this post could be “Martin Bowe’s Favorite Electronic Album’s of 2019″?

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#4  Quag
Score:-35 | Dec 8th

Another “artist” that should STFU and do what they overpaid to do!

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Alan Bisley
Score:-39 | Dec 9th

50 years ago she would have been in a circus sideshow. I just can’t.

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#2  blochead
Score:-54 | Dec 6th

I wonder if he made the decision to wear that shirt before or after his son had passed away?

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#1  StupidAsshole
Score:-54 | Dec 10th

oh boy here comes every jerkoffs OWN list in response.
count me out homies. I’m gonna go listen to Pile.

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Score:8 | Dec 11th

I guarantee you haven’t heard of us. Turnspit was the name. We were a local Chicago band that was gaining popularity regionally, opened Riot Fest and a Rise Against show (among others). Could’ve made a real go at it, and I realized I loathed touring (among a myriad of other things that led to the end of the band). The fact that, the bigger a band gets, the more it feels like work and the less songwriting you get to do was a big part, too.

The other singer is a lot younger, loves being on the road and has a real chance to make a go of it. I’ve been the person who was held back by other band members’ disinterest when I was young and did not want to be the person who held anyone else back.

I also got divorced, came out as non-binary and bisexual and my musical tastes changed, and that sound didn’t interest me as much anymore. I’m much happier just writing and demoing at home, and playing the occasional show now.

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