Henry Rollins Stars In New YouTube Series For LA Tourism

Henry Rollins Stars In New YouTube Series For LA Tourism

Over the years, Henry Rollins has had all kinds of guest appearances and extracurricular activities. Typically, he brings the same genuine passion to whatever he’s involved in — it just seems like the guy’s vibe. And you know what he really wants you to know about now? He wants you to know about LA, and how to get around it.

In perhaps one of the more bemusing turns for Rollins in recent memory, he has teamed with Los Angeles Tourism for a five part YouTube series on how to get around the city. Today, we get the first video, which is basically Rollins explaining how to use an airport (though there are a couple of segments more specific to what LAX might have to offer). The next four videos will premiere over the course of this week via Discover LA’s YouTube channel and social media accounts.

In many ways this is a normal tourism video featuring a familiar face so people pay attention. Rollins shouts out LAX’s therapy dogs, and argues that their dining options are fighting back against the stereotype of terrible airport food experiences. But there’s also a couple moments where this pairing is low-key bafflingly, quirkily amusing — like when a little bit of Rollins intensity creeps in when explaining ID requirements at the airport as he concludes “Please don’t make me stand behind you in line as you fish through your cargo pants for your ID!” Really, the existence of this whole thing is worth it just to hear the onetime Black Flag frontman proclaim, “I’ve got a lifetime of upgrades and executive lounges. I’ve earned it.” Check out the full video below.

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