The Homesick – “Male Bonding”

Remember that band Male Bonding? They ripped! I like to think the Homesick’s new song “Male Bonding” is about them. “Male Bonding” the song is probably not about Male Bonding the band. More likely it’s about male bonding the concept. Nonetheless, it also rips, but in a different way.

The track is from the Dutch trio’s forthcoming Sub Pop LP The Big Exercise. It finds them demonstrating their expertise in the realm of technically meticulous psych-pop-meets-post-punk adventures. This song goes quite a few places in five and a half minutes, and many of them are quite freaky, yet it remains fun and approachable throughout.

Watch director Karlos Rene Ayala’s video for “Male Bonding” below.

The Big Exercise is out 2/7 on Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.