Gil Scott-Heron & Makaya McCraven – “Where Did The Night Go”

A decade ago, the legendary spoken-word poet Gil Scott-Heron closed a 16-year gap between albums with I’m New Here, a collaboration with XL Recordings leader Richard Russell that would prove to be a last will and testament of sorts for Scott-Heron. (Between that album and Kanye West’s “Who Will Survive In America,” 2010 was a big year for Scott-Heron.) Russell cited the influence of his ascendent signees the xx on his industrial blues production work for I’m New Here, and the following year, just months before Scott-Heron’s death, Jamie xx helmed an album-length remix called We’re New Here.

Now, with the 10th anniversary of I’m New Here approaching, another full-length collection of reinterpretations is set for release. This time the creator in charge is Makaya McCraven, a drummer and producer from Scott-Heron’s native Chicago who is emerging as one of the world’s foremost jazz musicians. Like Jamie xx with We’re New Here, McCraven has put his own spin on the I’m New Here material. We’re New Again: A Reimagining By Makaya McCraven is coming next month on XL.

Today the first preview of We’re New Again has been released. McCraven’s spin on “Where Did The Night Go” expands the 84-second original into nearly three minutes of playful woodwind-led deconstruction. Listen below.

01 “Special Tribute (Broken Home Pt.1)”
02 “I’m New Here”
03 “Running”
04 “Blessed Parents”
05 “New York Is Killing Me”
06 “The Patch (Broken Home Pt.2)”
07 “People Of The Light”
08 “Being Blessed”
09 “Where Did The Night Go”
10 “Lily Scott (Broken Home Pt.3)”
11 “I’ll Take Care Of You”
12 “I’ve Been Me”
13 “This Can’t Be Real.”
14 “Piano Player”
15 “The Crutch”
16 “Guided (Broken Home Pt.4)”
17 “Certain Bad Things”
18 “Me And The Devil”

We’re New Again: A Reimagining By Makaya McCraven is out 2/7 on XL. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Eddie Otchere