Watch The Trailer For Glenn Danzig’s Ridiculous Horror Film Verotika

For the past couple of years, Glenn Danzig has been keeping himself busy; the reunited Misfits, his foundational horror-punk band, have been playing arenas and headlining festivals. Danzig has also had another project percolating: A horror movie called Verotika. Danzig himself wrote, directed, and scored Verotika, an anthology film based on his line of Verotik horror comics. (The name is a combination of the words “violent” and “erotic.”) It turns out that Verotika looks exactly as you’d expect Glenn Danzig’s directorial debut to look.

Advance word on Verotika is… not good. Last year, the film screened at Chicago’s Cinepocalypse Film Festival, and many of those who saw it described the movie as almost unbelievably bad, with some of them comparing it to famously terrible cult films like Plan Nine From Outer Space and The Room.

Today, we get to have a look for ourselves. The trailer for Verotika has hit the internet, and it is full of quotes from sympathetic viewers and brief glimpses of horny demon ladies. My favorite part was the cops standing around discussing the cause of death of a woman who has obviously had her face cut off. Check out the trailer below, via Entertainment Weekly:

Verotika comes out on VOD 2/25. It’ll have a tough time beating this as the greatest Danzig-related cinematic moment.