FACS – “Teenage Hive”

FACS – “Teenage Hive”

Chicago noise-rock experimentalists FACS continue to churn out stunning new albums at a prolific clip. Last year, they one-upped their 2018 debut Negative Houses with the tense, pulverizing Lifelike. In 2020 they’ll be back again with LP3. Titled Void Moments, it’s preceded today by “Teenage Hive.”

FACS are especially skilled at creating a sense of building pressure within their songs via dynamic, pummeling rhythms and layers of droning noise. It allows them to sound ominously loud in a unique way, violent but without the release that comes from cathartic riffs or breakdowns. They just get you swept up in the claustrophobia until you can hardly breathe. It’s awesome.

They’ve accomplished this once more on “Teenage Hive,” which arrives today. According to the band’s Brian Case, the song “is about not defining yourself so that other people can understand you. The evolved consciousness I’ve seen with my son and his generation/peer group regarding gender, identity, and human rights is the only hope for the future and informs all of Void Moments, which is ultimately an album about facing who we are.”

Below, watch director Joshua Ford’s “Teenage Hive” video.

01 “Boy”
02 “Teenage Hive”
03 “Casual Indifference”
04 “Version”
05 “Void Walker”
06 “Lifelike”
07 “Dub Over”

Void Moments is out 3/27 on Trouble In Mind.

CREDIT: Zoran Orlic

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