Green Day – “Oh Yeah!”

Is the world ready for a Gary Glitter renaissance? No! Absolutely not! That would be a terrible idea! And yet Glitter, the former glam-rock star who has been convicted many times of child sex offenses and who is currently in prison, just keeps showing up. In a key scene from last year’s multiple Oscar nominee Joker, for instance, the Joker dances to Glitter’s “Rock And Roll Part 2.” (Warner Bros. reportedly considered removing the song from the movie. They did not.) And now we’ve got a new Green Day single that’s built on a sample of an old Gary Glitter cover that Joan Jett did.

Next month, Green Day will release the new album Father Of All…, and they’ve already shared the album’s title track and “Fire, Ready, Aim.” Today, the band shares the album’s third single. It’s called “Oh Yeah!,” and it’s a big, clean melodic rocker that gets a lot of its juice from a prominent sample. That sample comes from Joan Jett’s 1980 single “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah),” a cover of a 1973 Glitter song that Glitter co-wrote. On the “Oh Yeah!” YouTube description, Green Day write, “BTW we sampled a song from the great Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation album. One of the writers on that song is a total asshole so we’re donating our royalties from this song to IJM and RAINN.”

In the new “Oh Yeah!” video, Billie Joe Armstrong wanders through a dystopic world where people are way too obsessed with their phones to notice what’s happening around them. He’s run over, for instance, by a guy watching a Green Day drum tutorial on YouTube. Malia James directs. Watch it below.

Father Of All… is out 2/7 on Reprise. Green Day are heading out on a big stadium tour this year with Fall Out Boy and Weezer.